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Possible Huawei deal ‘poses a grave risk’ to British relations

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Any deals with China’s Huawei could be dangerous for British-Australia relations according to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute executive director.

The United States is expected to ban companies using telecommunications equipment made by firms deemed to be national security risks.

This is expected to include Huawei which has been banned from many 5G networks, including in Australia.

Huawei has said it is prepared to sign a ‘no spy’ agreement with the UK government to prove they would not use its technology for surveillance.

But Australian Strategic Policy Institute Executive Director Peter Jennings tells Ross Greenwood deals with Huawei are dangerous for relations with Australia.

“For all the wrong reasons it looks like Britain is going down an opposite track… I think that poses a grave risk to our ability to continue to operate with Britain on intelligence and security issues.”

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