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Police Minister reveals threatening school emails appear ‘random, encrypted’

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Police Minister David Elliott has slammed the “low act” of sending threatening emails which forced several NSW schools to evacuate. 

Around 10 schools were targeted today, and more than 20 yesterday, causing HSC exams to be thrown into disarray.

Mr Elliott told Jim Wilson the emails received by the schools were similar in nature, suggesting an “unidentified object” at the school forcing students and teachers to evacuate.

He said it was “nothing short of a bastard act”.

“There’s been a number of them, and as recently as an hour ago, there’s another one reported.

“They appear to be random, they appear to be encrypted.

“They appear to be focused on ensuring the HSC results of our wonderful HSC students of 2020 are interfered with.

“They’ve picked a fight with the largest cyber security squad in Australia.”

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NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said they believed it was about 800 students had been disrupted.

“There’s really serious consequences for these offences as there should be.”

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