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Police launch crash display to warn drivers about car safety

Two crashed cars are on display at the busy Sutton Forest rest-stop near Wollongong in a bid to make drivers aware of safe and unsafe vehicles.

The initiative is designed to compare a car which would be more likely to survive a crash to one that wouldn’t.

“When you’re buying a car, you often think about how nice it looks or… how practical is it,” says Natalie Peters.

“But you don’t necessarily think of the fact that you just need a plain old safety upgrade.”

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy tells Natalie Peters and Erin Molan the cars are 12 years apart.

“The display that we’ve got at Sutton Forest is a stark reminder of the difference in the safety in the two vehicles.

“You’d think  2003 Corolla would be terrific for your young child just getting their license… but you can see by what we’ve got on display here that anyone in the old Corolla probably would’ve died.”

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