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Police gobsmacked at judge’s leniency towards hoon driver

Police are shocked and frustrated after a District Court judge overturned the punishment handed to a teenage hoon who damaged cars and risked lives.

Just before 11.30am on April 3, the 17-year-old was doing burnouts in a yellow Nissan Silvia on Raceway Place at Eastern Creek.

The burnouts flung rocks and debris, damaging several parked cars.

The teen then “drifted” around a corner, nearly hitting some workers doing repairs on other cars.

Strike Force Puma investigated the incident, arresting and charging the driver with multiple offences.

Police were unable to confiscate the car, commonly used by “drift racers”, as the vehicle was registered to his mother.

The 17-year-old appeared in Mt Druitt Local Court in July and was handed a $1000 fine, a 12 month-disqualification and had a conviction recorded.

The boy and his lawyers lodged an appeal over the severity of the sentence which was heard in the Parramatta District Court on Wednesday.

Unbelievably, Judge Norman Delaney overturned the conviction and gave the boy a two-year good behaviour bond.

Ray Hadley has spoken with police sources who say they are absolutely gobsmacked.

They say Strike Force Puma was established to target this exact type of high-risk driving and to prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

Ray says police are furious at the decision and says Judge Delaney needs to be tougher.

“The police round up the hoons and apparently Norm lets them off.”


Image: File/Nissan Silvia