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Police crash investigation: ‘The big wow factor for me is no lights and sirens’

A police officer is likely to be facing charges after a pursuit gone wrong has left a 68-year-old woman fighting for her life in a coma.

Last week, a police vehicle travelling along The Kingsway in Cronulla collided with Gai Vieira’s Mercedes, T-Boning her car, leaving her critically injured and narrowly avoiding injuring her two-year-old grandson in the backseat.

A critical incident investigation is continuing into the crash, with recent confirmation the police car was travelling at speeds of 124 kilometres per hour in a 70 zone, with no lights and sirens on, attempting to catch another car allegedly driven by a person on a mobile phone.

At a press conference today Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy says it wasn’t a police pursuit, it was “urgent duty”.

Ex-copper and founder of Team Safeguard, Trent Southworth tells Ben Fordham “the big wow factor for me is no lights and sirens”.

“The exemption under the Australian Road Rules… specifically says you need to have those lights and sirens on to be exempt.”

Mr Southworth also questions the speeds the police officer was travelling at saying “does that match the offence of chasing someone for a mobile phone?”

“Does that justify him doing that speed in that particular area to catch them on the phone compared to other offences that might have been committed?”

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