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Melissa Trbojevic: I just want my kids to be good people

As we celebrate Women in League round, star footy mum Melissa Trbojevic opens up on her sons Jake, Tom and Ben.
Considered the most humble boys in league, being good people is the thing that makes her most proud.
A life member of the Mona Vale Raiders, Mel Trbojevic would spend countless hours driving the boys to training, working the canteen at Newport Oval, not to mention doing loads of washing and forking out a small fortune on groceries!
She revealed she doesn’t charge the boys board, but they do help out with the cooking. As for their personalities, “Jake gets more stressed. Tom is more laid back”.
When pressed on potential partners by the Big Marn, Mel played it with a straight bat. “I just want them to be with a nice person”.

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