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Let’s Talk Business – Sunday, March 10th

Disruption, largely driven by technology, has permanently altered a number of industries over the past few years. Uber has changed point to point transport irreversibly, and Deliveroo has revolutionised the way we order take away food.

Scott and John discuss which industries are prime targets for technology-driven disruption and share tips on how to insulate your small business from any damage.

Speaking of disruption, the Gig Economy is a by-product of disruptive companies and it’s creating headaches for governments and employment law experts. Are workers sole traders? Are they independent contractors? Are they employees? Deliveroo is pushing for a ‘third way’ of legally defining contract workers, which would allow companies to provide some benefits – including sick pay and third-party liability insurance – without employment. Employment law expert Michael Byrnes from Swaab Lawyers explains.

On Workwise, we love stories of when a side hustle becomes a successful business. For entrepreneur Robbie Ball, inspiration struck in his final year of university, and he hasn’t looked back. Uncle Jack Watches started small and has since exploded in popularity, turning Robbie into an eCommerce influencer.

Peter Switzer wants to help you Grow Your Business, and he shares his list of the five books every small business owner must read — and why!

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