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Ford Driving Skills for Life program makes a welcome return

Top marks to Ford with the return of their Driving Skills for Life program, for the first time partnering with the Amy Gillett Foundation to help teach new and young drivers how to share the road with cyclists.

Ford’s recent Road Safety Survey showed that urgent action is required to encourage drivers to better share the roads safely with cyclists – 49 per cent of survey respondents said they didn’t feel confident driving alongside cyclists.

Frankly, many roads are simply not structured to carry both cars and cycles, part of the reason that in the past 12 months Australia experienced an 80 per cent increase in cyclist deaths.

Young drivers can now register for this free Driving Skills for Life program – simply go to and tickets for the Sydney program AT Sydney Motorsport Park on Saturday December 8 will be allocated in order of registration.

If you have a young driver in the house I commend this program to you –

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