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Approaching palliative care conversations with loved ones

A particularly poignant topic at the moment with the restrictions on access to aged care facilities due to COVID-19, the last week has been National Palliative Care Week.

With the theme that ‘It’s more than you think”, palliative care can help people from early on in their diagnosis of a life limiting illnesses to live as well as possible for as long as possible.

Sydney Adventist Hospital won a prestigious national award from the Australian Private Hospitals Association earlier in the year for its Community Care Palliative Care team which gives patients access to palliative care at home up to 15 km away from the hospital.

The work of both the nurse practitioners and the medical specialists is critical to patients and families giving them choice and support when they need it most.

Dr Sam Steele is a Palliative Care and pain specialist from the San and joins John Stanley.

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