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PM Scott Morrison takes a swing at Victorian Premier: ‘I’d like to give him a few tips’

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The Prime Minister has lashed the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews for signing a secret investment deal with China.

It’s been revealed Andrews joined Beijing’s global infrastructure program, without consulting the federal government.

Now, he’s refusing to release details of the Memorandum of Understanding to either the federal government or voters.

Speaking with Alan Jones from Rockhampton, Scott Morrison says the Victorian Premier should stick to his own turf and leave foreign policy to the Commonwealth government.

“It hasn’t been discussed with me, no, and that was a bit of a surprise when I saw it the other day.

“We’ve always had a very consistent position on this and always been clear about it.

“When these things happen, that creates mixed messages and it would have been helpful if they’d been a bit more engaging on that.

“Foreign policy is the domain of the Commonwealth government.”

There’s been a running battle between the federal Coalition and the Victorian Labor government, with Mr Morrison firing the latest shot.

“I mean, I’d like to give him a few tips on how he should be running his police force down there because if you’re living in Victoria he hasn’t been doing a pretty crash hot job on that.

“If we want to start going over each other’s lines and giving advice on how we should run each other’s shows, well how about having a police force in Victoria like the one we have in New South Wales.

“That might do a lot to give safety to people in Victoria.”

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