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Please Clover, can we have some Moore: RSL’s plea for ANZAC Day funding

The NSW RSL is appealing to Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore for more ANZAC Day funding, days out from the event.

RSL NSW President James Brown wrote to the Lord Mayor last Tuesday, asking for the council to cover direct event costs of $150,000, on top of current contributions.

In his letter, he said ANZAC Day costs have “grown considerably” due to counter-terrorism measures.

He also pointed out that the council provided $400,000 for the Sydney Mardi Gras and $530,000 for the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

The council says it will consider the request, but the RSL must go through a formal grant process before it can make any significant financial contributions.

RSL NSW President James Brown tells Ray Hadley he wants the council to cover ANZAC Day costs so the RSL can focus on looking after veterans and their families.

“We want to make sure that the costs of this event are shared appropriately and that we’re not disproportionally burdening our charity.

“Every dollar that we put into portaloos or seating or concrete bollards is a dollar that we’re not putting towards homeless veterans.”

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