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‘Picking a needle out of a haystack’: The untold story of Grant Hackett’s golden moment

Twenty years ago, Australian swimming legend Grant Hackett stole victory from under favourite Kieren Perkins’ nose in the 1500m freestyle.

The Olympian told Jim Wilson about the fateful moment in the wake of his Sydney 2000 win he’s never before shared.

“Before the race, I always used to look up at my mum and dad, and give a bit of nod or a wave to them.

“I couldn’t find them before that race – it was just so jam-packed. There was 17 or 18,000 people around this small 50 metre pool.

“As soon as I won, I turned around – you kind of go crazy, all the emotions come out, a dream come true – but then I looked straight at them!

“It was like picking a needle out of a haystack, and I got to see them and celebrate that with them.”

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Image: Getty Images/Jon Buckle