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Peter Dutton: ‘I saw him look down the barrel of a camera and he blatantly lied’

Senior government minister Peter Dutton has called Bill Shorten a blatant liar over the dual citizenship scandal.

On Wednesday, Labor Senator Katy Gallagher was ruled ineligible to sit in parliament by the High Court, triggering the immediate resignation of three other Labor MPs and a crossbencher.

In August last year, Opposition leader Bill Shorten guaranteed the Australian public that Labor has “no cloud over any of our people” and has repeated that claim ever since.

After yesterday’s High Court ruling, Mr Shorten refused to apologise for his misleading comments, instead blaming lawyers and accusing the High Court of setting a new precedent.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton tells Ray Hadley the Opposition leader is deliberately lying to cover his backside.

“He lied to the Australian people yesterday, I watched that press conference with Bill Shorten and I saw him look down the barrel of a camera and he blatantly lied, there’s no question about it.

“I think Mr Shorten has a credibility problem. People talk about his history in the union movement and all sorts of dodgy arrangements he’s been involved in.

“Yesterday I think people really saw Bill Shorten exposed and he essentially said something that wasn’t true, and he knew it not to be true.

“For Mr Shorten to pretend otherwise, I was really quite shocked by it.”

Mr Dutton also commented on the budget handed down by Treasurer Scott Morrison’s this week, admitting it won’t be easy to pass through Parliament.

“It has been difficult, and remains difficult, to get things through the Senate.

“You can get it through if you’ve got the support of the Labor Party but of course they don’t provide support because they love to tax and spend.”

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