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Peter Dutton defends under fire Border Force boss

UPDATE | Roman Quaedvlieg has been sacked.

The government met with the Governor-General earlier this morning to discuss his future.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton admits a conversation is underway with the boss of the Border Force, amid reports he could be sacked before the end of the day.

Roman Quaedvlieg has been on leave since May last year as his alleged relationship with a former staffer is being investigated.

It’s understood a review has recommended the Commissioner be dismissed from his role.

The Home Affairs Minister tells Ray Hadley the government is dealing with the matter.

“Obviously there’s been an investigation that’s taken place.

“There’s a conversation obviously that’s underway with Roman at the moment.

“It’s not an easy situation. I feel for he and his girlfriend, for his ex-wife and children.

“It’s not something that deserves to be across the front pages of the paper.

“It’s at a sensitive time, so I just don’t have any public comment to make.”

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