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Peter Dutton calls out Labor electoral rort: ‘She knew she was going to a by-election’

The Longman by-election has again been rocked by scandal ahead of Saturday’s vote.

Labor’s Susan Lamb was forced to resign from the seat after the High Court ruled she was a dual citizen.

An embarrassing leak of internal records show Labor candidate Susan Lamb had been planning for an election ­campaign in April, before the High Court’s decision in May.

Ms Lamb’s claim she wasn’t planning for a by-election but was instead getting ready for next year’s federal election.

Senior government minister Peter Dutton says that’s nonsense.

“She knew she was going to a by-election, she was holding on to collect a pay as long as she could.

“If people are thinking about dabbling with One Nation or an independent candidate, from my perspective, they’re better-off to vote with a major party.”

Earlier in the month, Liberal candidate Trevor Ruthenberg was caught misleading the public about his military medals.

The Minister also commented on a major illegal tobacco bust made in the Northern Territory.

Border Force officers and Federal Police have seized more than six tonnes of the product, which was being grown on about 17 acres of property in the top end.

Mr Dutton tells Ray the operation has saved taxpayers around $10 million.

“There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes.

“When you work your way back up the tree where these profits flow to, these are people involved in many other lines of illegal activity.”

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