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Pauline Hanson wins fight to launch inquiry into Family Court

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Senator Pauline Hanson has finally won a 20-year battle to have the government hold an inquiry into the Family Court.

Scott Morrison announced the inquiry yesterday after years of pressure from Senator Hanson, who began campaigning for it in 1996.

She has even been appointed deputy chair of the inquiry.

Research from 2018 found the Family Court had a backlog of 20,000 cases, with some people waiting up to five years for their cases to be resolved.

Senator Hanson tells Steve Price the inquiry will finally give a voice to those who have been affected by the court after years of being unable to speak up.

“[People] can’t speak about their cases, the media cannot report their cases. 

“By opening up this inquiry these people are protected to express their cases and give us and others out there an understanding of what is really happening.”

She says she’s determined to find solutions to issues she’s been hearing about for many years.

“Let’s get rid of the bloody politics out of this, let’s work together to find the answers because I want to stop those suicides, I want to stop the one woman being murdered a week.

“If you think I’m not up to doing this job, think twice because I know I am.”

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