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Paul Gallen laments ‘really harsh’ crusher tackle penalties

Cronulla Sharks legend Paul Gallen has come out swinging against new penalties announced today by the Australian Rugby League Commission.

Under the changes to the NRL Judiciary Code, grade one, two and three crusher tackle charges will carry 200, 350, and 500-point penalties respectively.

“There’s not a player I know in the game that has gone out to deliberately do a crusher tackle,” Gal told Mark Levy.

“I think 99 per cent of these crusher tackles are completely accidental.

“To up the ante … and rub blokes out for two games straight away, … I’ve got to say I think it’s really harsh.”

Mark confronted Gal on his view, and congratulated the ARLC on their decision.

“I hate wrestling tactics Gal.

“Ban wrestling coaches – that’d be a start!”

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