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‘Paleo Pete’ is back and once again, ‘he doesn’t know what he’s talking about’

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Pete Evans is at it again.

The celebrity chef’s nutrition advice has been slammed by medical professionals for years, now he’s taken aim at psychologists and psychiatrists.

During an interview with, Evans says he’s taken his children to therapy since the age of one, likening it to going to the dentist.

He also says “most forms of modern therapy… sort of miss the mark on understanding how to deal with a human being”, despite never visiting a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg tells Ben Fordham “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about”.

“In March last year, the AMA (Australian Medical Association) came out and suggested to him that he shouldn’t dabble in medicine.

“May I come out and say that he doesn’t dabble in psychology?

“There’s a saying my mother gave me, which is some people drink from the foundation of knowledge, others gargle. I think Pete’s gargling.”

In the interview, Evans also condemns psychiatrists for prescribing medication, and Dr Carr-Gregg warns it’s a dangerous move, putting the lives of those who depend on medication at risk.

“That’s really dangerous because there’s some people who rely on anti-depressants and if they don’t have them they’re at risk of suicide.”

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