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Paedophile victim feels judge’s sentence is as bad as the attack

Image and court details thanks to Troy Snook and News Corp

The victim of a paedophile who has been spared jail due to his cholesterol and sleeping problems has spoken out against the judge.

The man pleaded guilty to 10 counts of child sex abuse on the two victims between 1980 and 1987.

He was the head of a religious cult when he began attacking the then-eight and 10-year-olds.

Somehow, the now-55-year-old man has been handed a suspended sentence by District Court Judge John North.

In sentencing, Judge North gave discounts to the sex monster for a variety of reasons including his “good character”, lack of sex education, business interests, diabetes­, high cholesterol and sleep problems.

In a further slap in the face for victims, Judge North ruled the offender’s name must be kept a secret, while the victims can be named.

Louise Gass is one of those victims and contacted Ray Hadley to express how much the court case has hurt her.

“The sad thing is I want to stand up for all these women, I want to be an advocate for them and I want them to push forward but this has just broken me. I just think what’s the point, is there any point?”

Ray, “So District Court Judge North has probably done as much damage to you emotionally as the original offence when you were a child?”

“Absolutely, 100%.”

Shortly after Louise’s call, a third alleged victim of the man has contacted Ray Hadley saying she has made a statement to police.

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