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Outlaw bikies and alpacas: Former detective reveals her greatest adventures

One of the NSW Police Force’s most esteemed female detectives has regaled Ray Hadley’s listeners with her stories.

Throughout her decades-long career, retired Strike Force Raptor Detective Superintendent Commander Deborah Wallace has put some of the country’s most dangerous bikie gang members behind bars, and fought to keep drugs off the Cabramatta streets.

However, it was one of her more lighthearted stories that really had Ray tickled, when her officers insisted on taking out a nighttime raid on a bikie den.

“I’m sure [my officers] were thinking about the overtime, so they rang and said ‘boss, we forgot to tell you, there’s a female being held against her will there!’

“I went ‘oh my God, don’t you think you should’ve told me that? Get in there, go!’

“They said ‘boss, Ian’s safe and sound, we’ve got the gun and recovered the female … we’re just getting the vet to look her over’.

“I went, ‘vet?’, they said ‘oh yeah, we forgot to tell you, it’s an alpaca called Claire!'”

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