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Opal Tower residents consider launching class action over structure debacle

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Residents of the Opal Tower could launch a class action lawsuit against those found responsible for a crack in the concrete structure.

Shine Lawyers has been speaking to residents, who were forced out of the building when the damage was discovered on Christmas Eve.

But there are fears that more buildings with similar problems could exist due to the rapid growth of the construction industry.

NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts tells Deborah Knight he’s “been given no evidence” that’s the case.

“We’ve got to take into account that the building and the residents here make up about, less than 1 per cent of the building that’s occurred in Sydney over the past year.”

He says he’s waiting on a report “for a better idea”.

The Planning Minister has also knocked back suggestions that inexperienced builders are being hired for the construction boom.

Former Lendlease chairman David Crawford is warning that builders and developers have been placed under pressure.

But Anthony Roberts says if he holds these fears, action should have been taken.

“He should pick up the phone to the federal minister.”

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Opal Tower resident Delsa Daryaei tells Luke Grant she received an email from the builder advising her she could be back in the building in coming days.

But she says she doesn’t feel safe to go back home.

Delsa also says she’s been told by her real estate agent that she can’t break her lease.

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Andrew Neverly bought an apartment in the tower off the plan five years ago with his wife.

He’s now demanding answers to who approved the plans of the building and who supervised the construction.

Andrew tells Ross Greenwood there’s now a “stigma attached to the building”.

“It’s of no value to us now, we’ve lost our money.”

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