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‘Only just scratched the surface’: CBA whistle-blower says another Royal Commission needed

The Royal Commission has finished its public hearings, after 69 sitting days, 134 witnesses and more than 6500 documents.

Banking Royal Commissioner Kenneth Hayne QC will complete his investigation into widespread financial misconduct out of the public eye, with a report expected by February 1.

After delivering an interim report that blamed greed for the widespread misconduct in the financial services industry, the Royal Commission’s final hearing focused on why the scandals happened.

The final hearing wrapped up as a forum of the world’s top financial figures warned Australia’s banking industry was only beginning the long journey to repair its conduct and culture.

CBA whistle-blower Jeff Morris exposed corrupt practices which eventually led to the Royal Commission.

He had threats made against his life and also lost his job as a result.

Mr Morris tells Ross Greenwood the Royal Commission was necessary.

“It’s uncovered some fairly major things, it’s probably uncovered more than the banks and the government thought it would.

“But really, it’s only just scratched the surface.”

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