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Only a third of $95 million Red Cross bushfire donations given to victims

Less than a third of the money raised by the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund has been committed to fire victims.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Australians have donated more than $95 million to the Red Cross but only $30 million will be handed to fire victims.

There are also no guarantees the remaining funds will be handed out this summer.

Ben Fordham says, “people don’t donate to the bushfire victims so the charity can put most of it in the bank for another day.”

Red Cross Director of Australian services Noel Clement tells Ben $30 million refers to the immediate assistance provided.

“There is no intention to place this money in the bank. This is to support our work in the community.

“This is not a short term thing for us, this is a long term commitment to working with these communities.”

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Former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett tells Ben the donated funds should be placed in a trust.

“There’s a lot of people who need the money now.

“The government needs to work out that when people give money it’s got to be put into a fund which can be accountable, where it can be audited and where, in fact, the administrative costs can be reviewed to ensure that the intent of the donor is actually honoured.”

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Image: Getty/Patrick Hamilton