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Olympian-turned-paramedic reflects on Tokyo 2021 prospects

Today marks the original date for the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony, but doubts are being cast over the rescheduled dates.

Without a vaccine, and with many nations still fighting to flatten the curve, experts warn a 12 month postponement may not be long enough to get the virus under control.

Hockeyroo Karri McMahon told Jim Wilson the Australian women’s hockey team is glad to be back training, and are trying not to over-analyse the situation.

Being a paramedic in her primary employment, Ms McMahon has been on the front line of the pandemic.

Rather than lament the lost Olympics, she says she’s “relishing the opportunity just to get in the field, and practice my skills while I have the time.”

“We’ve had to adapt to change, and … it really makes you fond of things that, hopefully, will come back to us not too far away.”

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Image: Instagram/Karri McMahon