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Olympian launches challenge to Tony Abbott with personal attack

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A newly announced challenger in the seat of Warringah has continued her personal attacks on Tony Abbott.

Independent Zali Steggall is standing by her claims that the former prime minister is “aggressive” and “divisive”.

The four-time Winter Olympian says she wants to be “a voice for the sensible centre” in Australian politics.

Ms Steggall tells Steve Price Mr Abbott’s policies were destructive and divisive and claims the most of the country agrees with her.

“I do indeed and I think all of Australia are extremely dissatisfied and absolutely repulsed by the conduct of the Liberal Party in the last 12 months.

“The revolving door leadership, the allegations of harassment and bullying.”

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Steve asked Ms Steggall if she’s better off campaigning on what she wants to achieve rather than with negative attacks on her rival.

Ms Steggall agreed and believes the number one thing voters are calling for is, “more action on climate change”.

“It is the primary concern that is driving a huge amount of support and swell against Tony Abbott.”