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Nurse and doctor attacked in emergency department rampage

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A whistleblower at Wyong Hospital has detailed a horrendous attack on multiple staff members and extensive damage to equipment.

The worker told Ray Hadley this morning a male patient, who was earlier brought in by police, became increasingly agitated before going on a destructive rampage.

He is alleged to have threatened to kill a staff member and a doctor, spat on a nurse, defenestrated equipment, thrown a microwave down a hallway, and significantly damaged an ambulance.

In a statement, police told Ray the 33-year-old was subdued and arrested after an officer drew a taser, and has been charged with destruction of property and common assault.

The man is understood to have been hospitalised due to mental health concerns, “but that doesn’t excuse his behaviour” Ray said.

“If that’s the workplace for the staff at the Wyong ED, it’s not a very safe workplace.

“The Health Minister needs to do something about protecting his workers.

“You can’t protect them with an unarmed security guard, who might happen to intervene … and next thing you know he’s charged with assault!”

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