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Nucoal investor who lost $600,000 just wants ‘a fair go’

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Desperate Nucoal investors are still trying to claw back their life savings, four years after the company was decimated by the New South Wales Government.

In 2014, then-premier Barry O’Farrell cancelled the company’s licence for a proposed coal mine at Doyles Creek in the NSW Hunter Valley.

The business has repeatedly been found to have done nothing wrong but, nonetheless, was caught in the crossfire as the government targeted others.

It’s estimated innocent investors, including mums, dads and retirees, have lost more than $300 million, none of which is being compensated.

Alan Jones spoke with Peter Harvey on Monday, who says his family has been left heartbroken.

Darrell Lantry is another who was caught up in the mess, losing $600,000.

He met with several government members on Monday but tells Alan it’s up to the head honchos.

“The MPs we did meet with, there was a genuine, true understanding that there was injustice,” Darryl says.

“This is in the Premier’s court along with the leader of the opposition.

“All we’re asking for is a fair go. I trust that these people will do the right thing by us.”

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