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NSW to crack down on dodgy high-rise developers

New South Wales is cracking down on dodgy builders as it tries to prevent defective high-rise apartment buildings from being constructed.

Repairs are still ongoing at Opal Tower and Mascot Towers after building defects were discovered and residents evacuated.

The proposed changes will give the state’s Building Commissioner new powers to restrict developers who are repeat offenders from constructing new high-rise buildings, and will also subject developers to a quality-rating regime based on their history.

NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler tells Ray Hadley a small number of people in the industry are doing the wrong thing and need to be stopped.

“There’s repeat offenders that have got all sorts of characteristics of what we call risky players.

“My role will be to focus on them and to get in front of that and, where possible, stop those issuances so people don’t have to lose their deposits and people don’t have to settle on dodgy buildings.”

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Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson tells Deborah Knight the industry has spun out of control since it was deregulated a number of years ago.

“It’s time to reign it back in. The changes, the reform to the building and construction industry has come from within.

“It’s come from the industry itself saying ‘we absolutely have to stop, we absolutely have to weed out those who are cutting corners and doing the wrong thing.'”

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Image: Getty/Steve Christo