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NSW Police Commissioner slams ‘disgraceful behaviour’

Police and other frontline workers are being subjected to appalling behaviour from the public while enforcing tough coronavirus restrictions.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller tells Ray Hadley he is disgusted by reports of people spitting on police officers and supermarket workers.

“This is only a handful of people, but what disgraceful behaviour. I tell you what, I’m sick of these people, we will be continuing to charge these people and bail-refuse them.”

Commissioner Fuller is confident the state’s economy will survive if the community can work together to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“We want NSW to come out of this first and with the economy still on its feet. We are trying to balance sensible legislation that’s protecting people and not putting every business on its knees.

“When the community and the police are on the same page, in terms of what the expectation is, you do get social change quickly, which is what we need.

“We’re not seeing increases in crime, we’re seeing an increase in some stupidity, and we’ll punish those individuals.”

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Image: William West/AFP via Getty Images



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