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NSW Police Commissioner reveals his special connection to Scott Morrison

In studio with Ben Fordham

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller joins Ben Fordham to look back on the state’s major cases and discuss his special connection to the Prime Minister.

The Commissioner explains Scott Morrison used to collect his bins, back when the two were neighbours.

“He was the Treasurer at the time,” he tells Ben.

“He did tell me recently that he’s the Prime Minister now, and that should be Josh Frydenberg’s job, but he won’t take my calls!”

On a more serious note, Commissioner Fuller tells Ben people in emergency services often “get paid for what we’re prepared to do… not what we do”.

“There might be quiet days but there are days where people have to step up.. and put their lives on the line for the community.”

Commissioner Fuller says despite his approach being labelled as “too aggressive”, he won’t be taking a step back.

“We’re pushing crime down in this state because we’re on the front foot and I’ll continue to do that.”

“We reflect back 30 years ago and investigative standards were very different to now, evidence collection was different, forensics was different.

“We’re in such a strong position today to solve cases.”

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In studio with Ben Fordham