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NSW Opposition leader calls for change after high-rise evacuation


The State Opposition leader is calling for changes to the building and certification regime in New South Wales.

The industry is under scrutiny after cracks appeared in the wall of a high-rise apartment complex in Sydney Olympic Park, forcing a-third of residents from their homes.

State Opposition leader Michael Daley tells John Stanley there’s a potential conflict of interest when developers can hire a private certifier.

“What people have recommended in various reports… is have what they call a cab rank rule.”

Mr Daley says when a developer goes to a department for a certifier, one should be allocated to them rather than the developer choosing their certifier.

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Mr Daley also lashed the current state of the Berijikan government, slamming its light rail project and stadium debacle.

“If you’re going to use other people’s money, make sure you do it well and wisely and this government is terrible at implementing and planning.

“We pray that debacle projects like the light rail work because they’ll be $3 billion worth of money down the toilet if they don’t work.”

He says at the moment, there’s no indication they’re “anything other than a disaster”.