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NSW Health Minister: New codeine laws will be ‘hugely problematic’

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard tells Ben Fordham he believes new codeine laws will cause problems for ordinary consumers.

The new laws will make codeine products prescription-only from February 1 and have been widely criticised.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration received 127 public submissions about the new laws, with only 14 in favour.

Mr Hazzard tells Ben Fordham not all doctors support the federal government’s push to make codeine prescription only.

“As from 1 February, people who might have a cluster headache or period pain or something where they need a quick and urgent bit of codeine, they will find themselves having to get to a doctor and get a prescription.

“In some areas, particularly in the rural areas, there may not even be a doctor available.

“I think practically it is going to be hugely problematic.”

David Heffernan from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia tells Ben he doesn’t understand why the states aren’t pushing back.

“Mr Hazzard, he and some of the other state ministers, all seem to want to say the one state can’t go alone from the other.

“My first question would be…why not.

“Everyone except bureaucracy and doctors groups seem to be against this decision.”

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