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NSW Government forcing dodgy public housing tenants to pay up

The New South Wales government is cracking down on public housing tenants who wreck properties and take the system for a ride.

Those who damage property could have their Centrelink payments raided and will be forced to cough up a significant bond or face eviction.

Occupants found guilty of committing tenancy fraud will also be booted from social housing.

NSW Social Housing Minister Pru Goward joins Ben Fordham.

“People who fraudulently claim a subsidy by hiding assets or income, we’re now saying you have no right to be in public housing, you won’t be able to go through a lengthy appeals process which can take over a year. You’re just out,” Ms Howard says.

“For people who damage their property we’re saying… not only will we require you to pay it back but from then on you’ll pay a bond.”

The Social Housing Minister says the tough new laws are for people who have proven they can’t look after property.

Up to 60,000 people are currently on the waiting list for public housing.

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