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NSW farmers continue to suffer through ‘worst drought in six generations’

Farmers in New South Wales are continuing to suffer through one of the worst droughts on record.

Both farmers and local businesses are continuing to struggle through what locals are saying is the worst drought in six generations.

99.2 per cent of the state is currently experiencing drought conditions.

The mayor of Murrurundi, Wayne Bedggood, tells Alan Jones the drought is forcing shops in the main street to close.

“When we talk about drought we always think about the farmer out of the land who’s hit first and hardest.

“But, the town, it doesn’t take very long for them to follow.”

The deputy mayor of Walgett, Ian Woodcock, says although they got some rain last week, farmers will likely be unable to feed their cattle through another winter.

“You’ve got no idea the number of people that are struggling.”

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