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NSW Election | Your guide on how to vote

The state election is upon us and we’ve compiled a quick guide for when you go to vote.

Voters will head to the polls on Saturday, March 23 from 8am to 6pm.

Pre-polling closes at exactly 6pm on Friday, March 22 – the night before election day.

There are 5,271,774 registered voters in NSW and if you don’t turn up… you’ll be fined a grand total of $55.

So, how does the voting work?

You’ll be given two different ballot forms:

  • The Legislative Assembly (the lower house of the NSW Parliament)

This is the small form.

You only have to vote with the number 1, but you can continue and number all of the boxes.

  • The Legislative Council (the upper house of the NSW Parliament)

This is the long piece of paper.

You can vote one or more numbers ‘above the line’.

OR, you can vote ‘below the line’, numbering AT LEAST 15 boxes or more.

CLICK HERE for a full guide on how to vote on each ballot paper.

Not sure if you’re on the electoral roll?

If you’re not on the electoral roll you can produce ID at the election venue and vote that day, and your details will be sent off for approval and added to the roll for future elections.

Or you can click HERE to go on the website now and check you’re on the roll.

Click PLAY below to hear from NSW Electoral Commissioner John Schmidt