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NSW drought coordinator says farmers need more than just fodder, water

The New South Wales drought coordinator says farmers in the worst-hit areas are desperate for help.

Pip Job is tasked with organising the state’s relief effort and says farmers and communities are in need of fodder, water, cash support and health services.

But, Ms Job points out they’re also desperate for help with regional roads which affect their ability to bring fodder in and are “fearing” for the state of their schools.

“I know the breadth of what is going on with the drought across the state,” she tells Alan Jones.

“It is a crippling drought, there is no doubt about it.”

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Ms Job says there are a number of options for those in need.

“There is a [NSW] Rural Assistance Authority phone number. They can ring those guys, so that’s 1800 678 593.

“They can reach out to local land services… they can reach out to Rural Financial Counselling Service.”



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