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‘Nothing is going to get in my way’: New Energy Minister focused on beating power prices

“Two things will make or break the Morrison Government,” says Alan Jones.

Energy and population.

Following Alan’s interview with the Prime Minister yesterday, new Energy Minister Angus Taylor says he’s focussed on implementing policies designed to lower electricity prices.

“I tell you what Alan, I will allow nothing to get between me and bringing down prices. No distractions, absolutely nothing.

“Whatever levers we have to pull… we’ll go after them. That’s my job.”

He says energy operators have been warned they’ll face tough penalties if they gouge customers and that the federal government is considering a Royal Commission into the sector.

Mr Taylor tells Alan the government is sending a strong message to energy retailers.

“We’ve got to stop those rip-offs and we’ve got to make sure we back new investment and competition into the market.”

Scott Morrison said it’s unlikely he’ll pull out of the Paris climate agreement, but Mr Taylor says he won’t be drawn on the issue.

“I’ve got a practical challenge in front of me, not a political one. My practical challenge is to get electricity prices down and I can tell you, nothing is going to get in my way.”

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