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‘Not victory day yet’: NSW urged to stay vigilant

As the global death toll for COVID-19 has surpassed 1 million people, Australia isn’t out of the woods yet.

UNSW Adjunct Professor and Strategic Health Policy Consultant Bill Bowtell said NSW can’t ease restrictions too quickly, like Victoria.

“We have got to understand in our region, a lot of other countries have done better than Australia,” he told Jim Wilson.

“The people [in NSW] have been I think really disciplined and good, and the NSW Health authorities to their great credit somehow got the trick and got on top of this.”

He said it’s not “victory day” yet but New South Welshmen could be “quietly happy” with their efforts in staving off the virus.

“We do have to gradually get our act together as we record more and more days of zero transmissions, then we can do more in relation to hospitality industry and events.”

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