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‘Not going to let them stop me’: Jacinta Price fights push to ban her speaking tour

Indigenous politician Jacinta Price insists she won’t let “cultural bullying” stop her from presenting a talk about Aboriginal disadvantage.

After touring Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, Ms Price was booked to speak at the Jetty Memorial Theatre in Coffs Harbour tonight.

But the local council has written to her saying she must seek permission from the local Aboriginal community to enter their land.

Several local Aboriginal groups are planning to protest, unhappy the Alice Springs Councillor asks indigenous Australians to take some responsibility for their own issues.

Ms Price tells Alan Jones those opposed to her views have something to hide.

“I’ve now spoken about truths, I’ve presented facts and all from my lived experience.

“And that’s half the problem, it highlights what’s wrong with the indigenous community.

“People, and particularly victims, can’t speak up because of this sort of horrible backlash.

“But I’m not going to let them stop me.”

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Jacinta Price is currently on her tour called Mind The Gap – Bridging the Indigenous Divide.

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