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Indigenous politician Jacinta Price hits out at ‘utter cowards’

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Indigenous politician Jacinta Price says culture is being prioritised above the safety of Aboriginal children in remote communities.

The Alice Springs Councillor is on a speaking tour across Australia, described by Alan Jones as “a fearless campaigner for the most disadvantaged members of the community”.

Ms Price says do-gooders from the far left of politics are trying to instill their own ideologies of culture, and aren’t looking at the real issues.

“No one is actually looking at what’s really going on in terms of indigenous communities, where there’s an incredible amount of disfunction.

“This idea of culture, this lovely idea, isn’t actually playing out for young children.

“Their rights as Australian citizens need to be upheld before this idea of culture.”

Ms Price says she won’t be deterred by the horrific abuse and threats she’s received for sharing her views.

“There are those who are far worse off than me and that’s why I don’t shut up. For their sake.

“These individuals out there who say such things, who make such threats, are utter cowards.

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Jacinta Price is currently on her tour called Mind The Gap – Bridging the Indigenous Divide.

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