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‘No means no’ not enough as NSW government cracks down on sexual assault

Deborah Knight

The New South Wales Government is unveiling a new sexual assault strategy which involves people having to express active consent before having sex.

Minister for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Pru Goward says a ‘no means no’ approach simply isn’t enough.

Ms Goward tells Deborah Knight a clear ‘yes’ is needed in the modern day.

“This is a very explicit age, Deb.

“We have young men and women, teenagers, talking about sex and committing sexual acts in a way that previous generations can’t imagine. If it’s that explicit, then let’s change the manners that go with modern sexual behaviour.”

Minister Goward says consent must be clear and a ‘no means no’ approach isn’t good enough.

“And it should be, ‘do you want to have sex with me?’ And the answer’s got to come back ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Not, ‘she was too drunk but she did say earlier that she would.'”

The NSW Law Reform Commission will be looking into current consent laws but Ms Goward says a change to “culture” is also needed.

“Often you don’t say no. You say nothing, and that’s why you need to say yes.”

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Deborah Knight