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New visa rules could keep migrants out of the city

New visa rules are being considered which would see migrants who promise to live in the bush, forced to stay in country towns long term.

The Home Affairs office is looking at policies to stop new arrivals heading straight to big cities in an attempt to ease pressure on major cities from a ballooning population.

Under current laws, new migrants are under no obligation to stay in rural areas, even if they’re on regional visas.

Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Alan Tudge tells Chris Smith the issue is that migrants tend to congregate in one space.

“People tend to go and want to congregate with other people from the same country as birth, that always been the case in this country.

“What it means though, in the regions we’re not getting as many people as we desire, and in the cities, we’re perhaps getting more congestion than what was initially planned.”

Liberal Senator Jim Molan is pleased to see the migration issue getting addressed.

“I hear so often about the concerns of people who speak to me… about all the issues of migration, of infrastructure, of culture, of jobs,” he tells Chris.

“I think we are starting to address it and that gives me some comfort.”

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