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New initiative looking out for those on the front line

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Coronavirus has seen a rise in panic buying, but what about those on the front line who don’t have the time to get to the shops? 

A new social initiative, Frontliners, has started to help stock up medical staff with everything they need with Front Line Kits.

Frontliners founder Philip Leahy tells Deborah Knight the idea came after spending 14 hours in the emergency area of a Victorian hospital.

“Watching these incredible people doing what they do and it dawned on me at that time, these people are already working long hours in sometimes stressful situations and coming into what we’re going to be dealing with, it’s going to be a lot more challenging.”

The Front Line Kits will include snack food, drinks, sleep aids, multi-vitamins, and sanitary supplies and will be delivered directly to medical staff.

Frontliners hotline number 1800 717 390

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