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New group set on challenging Left-wing ‘social botherers’

For too long, Left-wing activist group GetUp has been wreaking havoc on the political front, says Chris Smith.

“They’re a duplicitous mob.

“They play politics in a dirty fashion.”

But there’s a new player that’s entered the game, one set to challenge GetUp.

Made up on an alliance of well-known Australians, the group called Advance Australia will stand up for mainstream and traditional values while challenging Left-wing activism.

“It’s about time we had a group that stood up for what others believe… and to try and seek the truth for GetUp to change.”

Former ABC chairman and member Maurice Newman tells Chris they’re “interested in prosecuting good value, good public policy in the interest of a better Australia”.

One of the group’s first plans of attack is a major campaign against Labor’s plan to scrap ­imputation dividend refunds, alongside a movement to keep Australia Day on January 26.

Mr Newman says while certain ideals might align with those of conservative parties, “the criteria for the board is that you cannot be a member of a political party”.

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