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New domestic violence campaign targets common Aussie phrases

A new government campaign aimed at reducing domestic violence says language like ‘boys will be boys’ is a contributing factor.

Domestic violence rates have been rising in Australia with one woman killed by a current or former partner every week.

The new ‘Stop it at the start’ campaign takes aim at throwaway lines like  ‘it’s just boys being boys’ or ‘he did it because he likes you’.

The ads warn those kinds of remarks can have serious consequences later in life.

Social Services and Families Minister Paul Fletcher tells Ben Fordham language can be more destructive than we think.

“There’s a lot of research evidence that shows there’s a range of factors that contribute to domestic violence.

“It obviously also includes things like being affected by alcohol or other factors but one of the things the research shows is that an attitude of a lack of respect for woman is a contributor to domestic violence.

“There’s nothing wrong with the phrase boys will be boys… the issue is where that phrase is used to explain away behaviour that in fact does show a lack of respect for women.”

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