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New consumption tax could bring racing industry ‘to its knees’

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The Queensland government is yet to answer how it will distribute money from its new Point of Consumption tax, despite mounting pressure from the racing industry.

The tax is a 15 per cent levy on all bets on Queensland racing and is expected to come into play October 1.

Queensland horse trainer Rob Heathcote tells Ray he’s concerned about the distribution of money to the racing industry.

“It’s in part responsible Ray, for probably bringing our industry to its knees.

“I lay the blame at the foot of the government.

“The crucial difference we have here in Queensland compared to you guys in New South Wales, and certainly Victoria, is level of support from the government.

“Over the last 20 years, and I’ve been in the racing 21 years now, there’s been a whole succession of rotating administrations and rotating government.

“And each time they come along they create new policy, but never the positive policies that drive the industry forward.

“Give us the POC, give it to us and say, ‘You guys earned the tax, we’ll give it back to you to really help kickstart your industry back’.”

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