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NEG and company tax cuts top of the agenda with Parliament’s return

Parliament is set to return today and some high-stake proceedings will be on the agenda.

After months of policy paralysis, the Coalition will be hoping no impasse blocks the National Energy Guarantee from solidifying into law. But it’s thought the document’s biggest opposition could come from within the Coalition’s partyroom itself.

Tony Abbott and Craig Kelly are among the “rebel” backbench MP’s tipped to revolt. But it’s suspected Turnbull’s eleventh hour promise to underwrite a multi-billion-dollar investment into building new coal-fired power stations could win them over and ease the dissent.

“I think this will probably be enough to convince the naysayers,” says Kieran Gilbert from Sky News.

“Maybe not all of them, but it may be enough to have a show of some kind of unity.”

“I think a handful he’ll never convince. Then the question becomes, will they cross the floor?”

The other big-ticket item will be the poorly-prosecuted company tax cuts, whose shaky support doesn’t look set to shift.

“Never say never in politics, but I’m not buying the views that Cormann will pull off some sort of miracle here,” says Gilbert.

“Hanson has chopped and changed quite a bit. She’s had three different positions. Will she change again? Probably not. But until it happens, we won’t know for sure.”

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