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Nationals MP volunteers electorate for new coal-fired station following ACCC crackdown

Calls for the federal government to invest in greater baseload power generation is being welcomed by some coalition MP’s.

The Australia Competition and Consumer Commission has released its report into the energy market which recommends adding more baseload coal or gas into the system to help drive down the cost of power.

Nationals MP Michael Johnsen has volunteered his electorate of the Upper Hunter as the destination for a new coal-fired power station.

He tells Ben Fordham the ACCC recommendation is encouraging.

“They’ve done it by way of suggesting the government enter into longer-term contracts to make the project viable.

“In the Upper Hunter, we are both coal-mining central for New South Wales and also energy-central for New South Wales. We’ve got both the Liddell and the Bayswater power stations here.

“We’ve got the infrastructure, we’ve got the demand, we’ve got the skills, we’ve got everything that we need and we should be going and building another new coal-fired power station, at least one, in New South Wales and it should be in the Upper Hunter.”

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