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My Health Test: Take control of your health

Need to take control of your health, but struggling to find time to get to the doctors?

My Health Test could be the solution for you.

This Aussie company offers an alternative way to get blood testing done, avoiding the hassle of a doctor’s visit and the anxiety of those dreaded needles.

Prostate tests, cholesterol tests, thyroid tests and diabetes tests – all from the convenience of your own home, with the simplicity of a fingerprick blood test.

Ed Phillips chats with My Health Test’s Doctor Nick Cerneaz about two of their most popular tests – cholesterol and prostate.

“How often should we check on our cholesterol?” Ed asks.

“All adults over the age over the age of 45 ought to check their cholesterol levels regularly.

“The frequency depends on the condition but the Royal College of GPs recommends anywhere from one year to five years at the lower end of the risks.”

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Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer for Australian men, with regular testing and early the detection the best weapon against it.

A My Health Test PSA test is a quick and easy way for men to stay on top of their health.

Doctor Cerneaz tells Ed Phillips, “there are good survival rates if you discover that you have the condition”.

“Often for many men, there are no symptoms. Really it’s because of that that you need to be proactively testing”.

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