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Muslim leaders boycotting a meeting with Prime Minister is a ‘gross discourtesy’, says Abbott

Former prime minsiter Tony Abbott says it’s a “gross discourtesy” for Islamic leaders to boycott a meeting with the Prime Minister.

Scott Morrison has asked to hold discussions about the threat of radicalisation in the wake of the Bourke Street terror attack.

But some leaders, including the Grand Mufti, are refusing to attend after taking issue with the Prime Minister’s stance on terrorism.

Mr Morrison has hit back, accusing Islamic communities of being in denial about the risks of extremism within the religion.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott says a refusal to meet with the nation’s leader is a “gross discourtesy at the very least”.

“If the prime minister would like to meet with you, obviously you go to meet with the prime minister,” he tells Ben Fordham.

“That’s just basic courtesy, quite apart from a commitment to the long-term best interests of our country.”

He says he thinks Mr Morrison is “absolutely correct”.

“There is a problem with the ‘death to the infidel’ strain on Islam.

“It’s absolutely incumbent on all decent Muslims to do everything they humanly can to expunge this kind of thinking from their faith.”

He says it would help the standing of Islam and Muslim people in Australia if their representatives sat down with the PM for a “meaningful discussion”.

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